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2013 green earth fair


Shirts (and some bags) for the over 100 volunteers that help make the Green Earth Institute function. The Green Earth Institute is a wonderful organic farm in Naperville, Illinois that holds a Green Earth Fair event every spring and is always doing good things for the community. 

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2012 green earth fair


Design for the 2012 Green Earth Fair used for t-shirts and a mobile screen printing station I ran at the fair where people could print their own recycled folders. - more photos coming 

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halloween fundraiser poster


A project for my fall after school screen printing class with 4th through 8th graders, taught on the north west side of Chicago. Each student drew a letter for the poster then they all screen printed the edition together. The poster helped attract record attendance for the school's fundraiser event! 

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site word superstar program

The Site Word Superstar Program  was an idea that my friend came up with to get younger students, at a school on the north side of Chicago, excited to learn sight words which will in turn lead to better reading skills. The hope was that the simple prize of a screen printed t-shirt (and being able to wear it instead of their regular uniform) would be an incentive to learn the words that will help them succeed. The goal was to have every eligible student at this school, where many students are not native English speakers and dozens of languages are spoken, to become Sight Word Super Stars.  

The program was a success - students were begging to take their reading tests and if they didn’t pass the first time, they studied even harder for the next. Over 150 Site Word Super Stars were awarded in the first year. (Ink, shirts and printing materials for the project were funded by donations - the sponsors became honorary site word superstars) 

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friends of pritzker school


Pergola Bird Bath House- created in collaboration with Michael Garza.

For a Bucktown/Wicker Park Community Art Project to benefit the Pritzker School, a magnet cluster school specializing in the fine and performing arts.

Bird House of Blues

Side wall for the birdhouse, screen printed on slate. Created for the 2010 Community Art Project but sadly, the house cracked before making it to auction. 



a Plaything - 2 color screen print on paper and glass with found frame.



a pillow fight / plaything 

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